Do you apply adequate security measures?

The captain and crew are duly licensed in accordance with the statutes and laws of our country, not only to navigate, but also to embark tourists. The operator must provide life jackets for all guests on board, and the excursion should always begin with a full safety briefing for passengers.

  Do you have a naturalist or guide on board?

On very small boats, the boat captain may act as a guide, while on larger excursions, a naturalist can provide information and comment on the fly over a public address system. Whatever the modality of providing the information, it should allow you to learn about the animals you are seeing and the environment in which they live.

  What do I do if I have dietary restrictions and there is a set menu?

If you have any dietary restrictions, let us know. We are here to adapt to your needs and make sure you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Feel free to contact us to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

  Will there be drinking water during the activity?

In most campgrounds you will find water available. You can also collect water from streams or springs, as long as you filter and disinfect it properly for safety.

  Will there be bathrooms available?

Sanitary facilities, such as dry toilets, are usually available in campgrounds and boats. If there aren't any, you can use the “Cat Hole” technique outdoors, making sure to bring toilet paper and a Ziploc bag to dispose of it responsibly.